Come Fly With Flight Academy Australia

I first came to Essendon Airport in 1970 as a nine-year-old on a school excursion by tram.

I attended Flemington Primary School on Mount Alexander Road at the time. The tram stop was just outside the school gate. It was a miserable wet May day when approximately 30 children boarded the tram for our excursion to Essendon Airport.

In those days the 59 Tram came into the Airport, stopping at the Airport Terminal across the road from where Essendon Fields Medical Centre is now.

It was that day in 1970 that I caught the aviation bug.

51 years later, Mike Lanza runs his own flying school at Essendon Airport: Flight Academy Australia. As Head of Operations, Chief Pilot and Director, Mike is dedicated to supporting the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

“In 2012 I started my own flying school here at Essendon Fields, which was originally located in The Suites at 30 English Street. We then moved into the Terminal when space became available, and in September 2019 settled in our current location 30 Bristol Street,” said Mike Lanza.

Flight Academy Australia (FAA) is a CASA authorised Part 141 and 142 flight training school dedicated to training pilots of all age groups and all licence levels.

“If you’re an aspiring pilot wanting a career in aviation, we have a course that will suit! For example, a university course that might be HECS or VSL funded, perhaps 2 – 3 years full time, or even a self-funded course that might take 12 to 14 months if the weather is nice to us. Or if you’re a person that’s juggling family or other commitments, or even who just wants to learn to fly for recreational purposes, I bet we’ll have a course to suit,” Mikes says.

Throughout November, Flight Academy Australia ran a series of free information sessions aimed at helping aviation enthusiasts decide whether a career in the sky is for them.

The free sessions gave attendees the chance to learn more about studying courses through FAA’s online program and working with local flight partners for real experience in the air.

“My first flight lesson was on the 14th of September 1978 in a Cessna 172, VH-EKM then operated by Discover Flying. I remember it clear as day! My grin was probably wider than her wingspan, and that’s the look I still love seeing pop up on our students faces.”

As Australia moves into a COVID-normal environment, Flight Academy Australia looks to expand and grow their business at Essendon Fields Airport.

“Boeing has recently released some great data showing air travel increasing and the consequential demand for pilots growing, and we’re certainly seeing this come to fruition with the number of new students joining us,” Mike finished.

If you want to fly for recreational purposes or become a commercial pilot regardless of your age or experience, Mike and his team are ready to help you live your dream. Contact Flight Academy Australia via or on 03 9374 2282 to discuss your next step.