Essendon Fields Lawn Renovations

Each year, our landscaping team Super Gardens undertake annual lawn maintenance. This year, these renovations are scheduled to take place from 14 to 18 October 2019.

Here’s an overview of the process undertaken to ensure EF lawns are amongst the best in the state:

Scarifying – vertical blades slice through the fine turf. The process breaks up the old roots and dead grass known as ‘thatch’. The thatch is removed by rake or vacuum, which helps increase nutrient retention, improve drainage and increase disease and pest prevention, promoting new root growth and enabling roots to spread further into soil.

Hollow Tining – physical removal of cores from a surface. The holes are generally 13-16mm in diameter and vary in depth. The cores are ejected, swept and removed. Hollow tining allows the compacted turf to expand making it easier to absorb air and moisture.

Top Dressing – the final step in the process, top dressing allows for the exchange of old soil with fertile soil. This can also fill slight depressions, imperfections and return the overall surface to a smooth level.

Following this the team adds fertilisers and calcium to help feed the turf roots which promotes healthy growth.

To maintain our lush lawns regular watering takes place. We monitor water usage closely and work with Super Gardens to ensure early morning watering which means we save water by avoiding evaporation.

While these works are taking place our fine turf will look a bit ‘rough’. The good news, this is only short term (and lasts about 2 weeks) and when the process is complete, everyone will enjoy the new and improved lawns.