Become a Sharp Airlines cadet with Inbound Aviation

Earlier this month, Essendon Fields based Inbound Aviation and Sharp Airlines announced the continuation of Australia’s longest successfully running aviation cadetship.

Sharp Airlines operate 21 Metroliner aircraft servicing five states of Australia including Essendon Fields Airport, in the Airline, Freight and FIFO markets. Per annum Sharp carries over 100,000 passengers and 4.0 million kilograms of freight.

The cadetship involves a 15 month course resulting in successful participants obtaining a Metroliner-type endorsement and a guaranteed 12-month fixed term contract with Sharp Airlines as a first officer upon successful completion of the training.

Sharp Airlines Managing Director, Malcolm Sharp said: “What makes this program so strong is certainly the fact that cadets are exposed to Airline operations on a day-to-day basis, which helps us to produce stand out cadets in the industry. They’re multi-faceted and job-ready.”

Inbound Aviation Managing Director, Tom Gollan said that his team is excited to continue the Sharp legacy and deliver quality cadets time and time again.

“Inbound Aviation feels highly privileged to be entrusted longer term with the Sharp Airlines Cadetship. We specialise in understanding the needs and expectations of regional operators, and will take participants from literally zero flight experience up to the right-hand seat of a high-performance multi-crew turbine aircraft across the 15 months,” said Mr Gollan.

On Monday 16 May, Inbound Aviation hosted their first information night for the year at Hyatt Place Hotel & Events Centre at Essendon Fields for anyone interested in applying to the Sharp Airlines cadetship for a June 2022 start. The free session gave attendees the chance to learn more about the Essendon Fields Airport based cadetship.

“These sessions certainly provide a clear introduction into the expectations that we place on those who undertake the cadetship. The environment in which the cadets operate in, is arguably the most challenging and complex that Australia has to offer. With that in mind, it demands the highest standard of training possible and produces some of the strongest operators that our industry deserves,” said Mr Gollan.

“What we’re finding is that air travel is well and truly on its way back to pre-pandemic levels, and we now need the pilot numbers in order to meet that customer demand. We look forward to continuing to work with Inbound Aviation and will oversee operations of the program from Essendon Fields,” said Mr Sharp.

For more information or to join the cadet program, please contact Inbound Aviation by clicking here.