Super Gardens shows off technology innovation at EF

Award winning Victorian landscape gardening and commercial grounds maintenance company Super Gardens has again showed it’s always keen to innovate, using its long-standing contract to look after the feature gardens at Essendon Fields to successfully test new technology – an Husqvarna Automower®.

Super Gardens have been working with garden supplier Husqvarna for more than 12 months, trialling a Husqvarna Automower first on a lawn near the Essendon Fields Airport terminal building, before successfully progressing to using a newer model on some of the prime parkland areas located on English St and Global Ave. Husqvarna has been around for over 330 years and are the world leaders in robotic mowers with over 25 years’ experience under the hood.

The results, according to Adam Strathairn, General Manager of Aviation Services at Super Gardens, have been impressive.

“During the time we have used the Husqvarna Automower on the grounds at Essendon Fields we have found that the quality of our fine turf is equal to the results we achieve with our cylinder mowers.  In fact when we have used the mowers on our ‘Type 2’ lawns, we have seen an improvement in their quality. We also are very pleased with the added environmental benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, along with a reduction in the use of motor oils and other inputs that are required on traditional mowers,’’ Adam said.

“Plus, we’ve never seen a member of our team complain less while cutting grass in the rain!”

Super Gardens were delighted by the overwhelmingly positive public feedback they have received on the quality of gardens and landscaping at Essendon Fields following the EF100 Open Day held earlier in the year. When asked what’s next, Adam explained that they’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can improve the landscapes within Essendon Fields, whilst also reducing their impact on the environment.

“We’ve just recently implemented irrigation controllers.  These are internet connected and track the weather conditions in real time to adjust programs based on rainfall and transpiration.’’

Did you know that Super Gardens helped us plant 10,000 trees around the precinct? Click here to learn more.