Airside Identification Requirements

Essendon Fields Airport is a Security Controlled Airport that comprises both landside and airside areas.

It is a requirement under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 (ATSR 2005) that all persons accessing the airside areas of Essendon Fields Airport must have a valid ASIC, or be a passenger under escort of an ASIC holder, or have a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) and be under escort by an ASIC holder.

What is an ASIC?

An ASIC is a nationally consistent Identification Card which is used to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check. All persons at the airport requiring unescorted or frequent access to airside areas are required, under government regulations, to have an ASIC. The ASIC scheme is a layer of security that ensures only people who have been background checked to a certain level are permitted to be in the secure areas of the airport without supervision.

How to Apply for an ASIC

1. Complete an application form online at The online application process will require you to:

a. Select the location of the nearest ASIC issuing agent – this will be the location the applicant attends to show original copies of ID and collect the ASIC.
b.Enter your personal details – Name, age, date of birth, current address, and residential address history over the last ten years etc.
c. Select the type of ASIC required – Australia Wide or Airport Specific. Essendon’s specific code is YMEN.
d. Supply details such as history of any criminal, traffic, charge, conviction or pecuniary penalties as part of the AusCheck process. All ASIC applications require approval by the Australian Government via AusCheck.
e. Provide credit card details if paying online.
f. Print the application. Check the application form carefully to ensure details are correct before continuing to the confirmation page.
g. Submit the application on the confirmation page.

2. Have copies of your identification documents and photographs sighted by a suitably qualified person. Find out more at

3. Complete the online Airside Induction training via if you do not have a current Airside Induction training certificate. The Airside Induction training has a validity period of 2 years. EAPL will not provide a letter of support for your ASIC until the training has been completed.

4. Obtain a supporting letter of endorsement from your employer.

5. Send the signed application form along with the supporting letter from EAPL and endorsed copies of photographs and identification to Aviation ID Australia to the address noted on the application form.

Upon submission, Aviation ID will review the application to confirm it is complete and correct. The application will then be submitted to AusCheck for background check. This process can take upwards of 4-6 weeks. For airport specific ASICs and non-EAPL staff, a copy of the supporting employee letter will be sent to EAPL Aviation Team to review and approve the issue of an airport specific ASIC.

6. Once the applicant has been approved by AusCheck, Aviation ID will print and post the ASIC to the previously selected agent. Applicant will be notified that the ASIC is ready for collection with the Agent.

 7. Attend the location of the Agent to:

a. Provide original copies of the ID documents used during the application process;
b. Return the expired ASIC (where applicable); and
c. Collect the new ASIC.

The following requirements have been implemented for Visitor Identification Cards (VICs):

  1. All VIC applications must be made via the online application form below
  2. All online VIC applications must be submitted by 2pm the day BEFORE the VIC is required and by 2pm on Friday for access required over the weekend.
  3. All VICs are issued by the Airside Operations team. Contact our Airport Operations Officer on 0418 335 549 the day before you require the VIC to arrange a pickup time and location. You must bring your Category B Identification with you.

No online application – No VIC Pass.


What is a VIC?

A VIC is a nationally consistent Identification Card that is issued to visitors who require access to the secure areas of Essendon Fields Airport and who do not hold an ASIC. All VIC holders must be supervised by an ASIC holder when in the secure areas at all times.

How do I obtain a VIC?

In order to obtain a VIC, you must:

  • Read and understand the Conditions of Issue (below);
  • Complete and submit the online VIC application form (below);

Contact our Airport Operations Officer on 0418 335 549 the day before you require the VIC to arrange a pickup time and location. You must bring your Category B Identification with you.

Contractors applying for a VIC

All contractors (including sub-contractors and their employees and agents) engaged to carry out works airside at Essendon Fields Airport must complete the online Airside Induction & Contractor Induction programmes prior to applying for a VIC and carry the completion certificate with them at all times whilst working on the airport site.

The contractor induction can be completed by clicking this link:

Conditions of Issue

You must make yourself familiar with the Conditions of Issue prior to applying for your VIC. You can download them here.

Online Application Form

Visitor Pass Online Application Form