Chalk Drawing Spreads Festive Cheer At Kinder Haven

Spotted a little extra colour outside Kinder Haven this week? On Wednesday we welcomed Fiona Cracknell of Cracknell Chalk Drawings to Essendon Fields.

Together with her side kick Melanie Laws and a few extra helpers, Fiona created a custom chalk drawing on the pavement outside Kinder Haven. In it she thanked the Kinder Haven team, where her daughter attends, for their exceptional work as an essential service during 2020 alongside spreading some festive cheer.

“This is my gift to Kinder Haven and Essendon Fields. Thank you so much to the educators at Kinder Haven for looking after my beautiful girl all the way through lockdown” said Fiona.

Her Facebook page ‘Cracknell Chalk Drawings’ has 2,900 members, with many saying she “brings smiles to the community”.

Thank you for coming to visit Fiona and team!