EF based Linfox starts electric truck deliveries

Essendon Fields based Linfox are going green, with some of their deliveries across Melbourne being made via electric vehicle from today.

The historic first will see Australia’s most iconic beer, Victoria Bitter, transported in a new Volvo FL all-electric truck, the first-ever electric vehicle in the Linfox fleet. And it will be the first of many Linfox electric vehicles that deliver as electric vehicle production ramps up worldwide.

The Linfox ‘Greenfox’ truck is the first mass-produced electric truck of its size in Australia and one of over 50 Volvo FL all-electric trucks delivered globally to date.

It will deliver beverages like a regular diesel truck but in a sustainable way: transporting 100,000+ each week from Asahi Beverages’ distribution centre in Melbourne’s west to bottleshops across the city.

In another boost for sustainability, the truck will be powered entirely by 100% offset solar power drawn from Asahi Beverages’ solar farm near Mildura in northern Victoria. The truck can travel up to 250km before it needs recharging.

Linfox Executive Chairman Peter Fox said: “Australia’s domestic freight task has doubled in the past decade and will continue to grow. To meet this demand, Australia’s road fleet will also grow and it is essential the fleet does this safely, efficiently and with reduced environmental impact.

“We are proud to introduce Volvo’s first electric vehicle in Australia to the Linfox fleet. The majority of Linfox’s carbon emissions come from transportation tasks. As we continue our journey to act sustainably and achieve zero net emissions by 2030, the way we operate will change in response, with more electric vehicles planned for our fleet and increased use of rail transport where viable.

“Together with our customers, we continue our commitment to build sustainable and reliable supply chains for the future.” said Mr Fox.

Essendon Fields CEO Brendan Pihan congratulated Linfox on its ground-breaking electric vehicle roll-out.

“We are proud to see Linfox expanding its future fleet of electric trucks, adding to our own commitment to protect our environment today, for a sustainable tomorrow. New developments around Essendon Fields have also seen rainwater harvesting tanks installed, and rain water collected from new hangar rooves redistributed to an onsite tree farm, which has been cultivating 10,000 trees for planting around the precinct – a goal that will be completed next month ahead of our Airports centenary’’ he said.