KSB Australia is pumping success at Essendon Fields

KSB Australia, a global pump manufacturing company which has been around for over 150 years, are flourishing in their Essendon Fields location experiencing an increase in revenue and looking to increase staff members.

Moving into 62 sqm at the Essendon Fields Bell Business Centre from their previous Tottenham facility in early 2022, five staff set themselves up to operate out of the office, which serviced clients across Melbourne for sales and engineering.

The early signs are strong, with KSB Australia experiencing a 9 per cent increase in revenue in 2023 compared to 2022 and the team are now looking to grow to meet their strategic target plan by 2030.

Joseph Montorio, Slurry Products Manager & Technical Support, has been with KSB Australia since 1995 and says all the employees really enjoy working at Essendon Fields.

“We really like it here, particularly because we are located within the Essendon Fields Airport Terminal and we find that it creates an interesting talking point with customers, because if they like they can see aircraft take off and land,” said Mr Montorio.

“We decided to initially move to Essendon Fields as our staff are based locally and the location provides great accessibility to our customers located in Melbourne’s west, including the Melbourne Water treatment plant in Werribee, Sugarloaf located out towards Eltham, and also the Greenvale Reservoir.’’

“Also Essendon Fields has heaps of amenity such as lunch and dinner options and our team regularly utilise Friction Café to meet with customers,’’ said Mr Montorio.

Essendon Fields’ GM Property Management Joel Rauer said it was fantastic to see how successful KSB Australia had been since moving to the precinct.

“When you work at Essendon Fields, you become part of a strong community packed full of entrepreneurs, innovators, aviators and successful businesses alike. And with so many companies from various sectors together within a shared environment, it fosters synergy and collaboration, enhances innovation and productivity, and benefits operators,” said Mr Rauer.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing the team at KSB Australia thrive at Essendon Fields and learning more about their business. They obviously enjoy the location of working from the Terminal building and interacting with the other tenants and enjoying all the facilities on site,’’ he said.

Mr Rauer said that there has been a strong appetite for new tenants to move into the revamped Essendon Fields Airport terminal building and confirmed that there is only one last site currently remaining for lease.

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