Avionics 2000 shows why EF is a great base to grow business

Avionics 2000 is an Australian aviation success story, growing from a part-time business in a small office at Essendon Airport to today becoming a leading avionics support company in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Managing Director Michael Kus first started the company back in 1988 when he saw the need for avionics support at Essendon Fields Airport after briefly working for the Victoria Police airwing, also based at the airport. What started small has now grown to a team of 30 based in 1,389 sqm at Essendon Fields Airport’s Hangar 6.

“We provide complete avionics support to the business and general aviation industry for all categories of maintenance. That includes inspections, servicing and maintenance to full aircraft installation projects, as well as total refurbishment. We have the manpower and the facility to perform a large variety of tasks,’’ said Mr Kus.

“Having our own metal workshop on site at Essendon Fields means we can create dream instrument panels and manufacture custom finishes. Our radio and instrument workshop, catering to CAR 30 and Part 145 customers,  has a variety of capabilities, including repair and testing of components, as well as calibration of testing equipment. We are a dealer and repair centre for some of the leading aircraft parts manufacturers including Honeywell, Garmin, Rockwell Collins to name a few and have access to the latest in equipment design and technology.’’

Mr Kus said his Essendon Fields location remains the perfect base for the company.

“With its central location, and the airport, Essendon Fields is a great choice for a business like ours. The area has grown hugely over the years, becoming a hub not only for aviation businesses but many other industries,” he said.

“I think Essendon Fields has something for everyone. Our staff definitely make use of the amenity, from grocery shopping to eating out, whether it’s a quick lunch, a catch up with friends or a meeting. Having DFO close by makes the area a self-contained district with pretty much everything at your fingertips.”

In April of last year, Hangar 6 enjoyed a freshen up as part of a comprehensive repainting operation, ensuring the building was fit for purpose for anchor tenant Avionics 2000.  The repainting remained faithful to the history of the building, whilst also ensuring that there were no interruptions to the tenants operations.

“As we grow we naturally require more manpower, so invest in a steady stream of between 3-5 apprentices each year,” said Mr Kus.

Essendon Fields’ GM Aviation, Matt Marais congratulates Avionics on their almost 36 year tenure at Essendon Fields Airport to date.

“Avionics’ tenure at Essendon Fields Airport and the continuous growth of their team and their business reflects what we love most about the aviation industry – passionate people doing what they love well and sharing that passion to inspire those new to the industry. Attracting, educating and retaining talent is essential to the viability of the general aviation industry,” said Mr Marais.

“We’re grateful for the support from our customers and suppliers and the strength of our team. I hope we can continue growing and expanding our knowledge and passing it on to the next generation of up-and-coming aircraft engineers, and providing the service that our customers expect from us,’’ finished Mr Kus.

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