Super Gardens becomes Green by Nature at Essendon Fields

Since 2002, Super Gardens have been providing grounds maintenance and landscape upgrades to Essendon Fields, helping create and maintain a multi-award-winning landscaped precinct. This month marks the beginning of an exciting journey as Super Gardens transition to become part of a new brand, Green by Nature.

Dean Jamieson, General Manager Operations, notes that the rebrand is a significant milestone in the company’s history, bringing together four individual businesses, uniting people and capabilities under a single “super” brand.

“Super Gardens, Green Options, Skyline Landscape Services, and Recreational Services are now one. Our larger scale allows us to harness the capabilities from each business to bring you, our customers, cutting edge solutions,” said Mr Jamieson.

Essendon Fields’ Facilities Manager, Ashley Young, says that it was important to let the community know about the brand change so they could be reassured that no change would be evident to the quality of planting, maintenance and designing of the gardens at Essendon Fields.

“Super Gardens have been a name synonymous with our landscaping journey at Essendon Fields. As they transition into this next stage of their ever growing corporate journey, we wish them well. I know that soon enough everyone at Essendon Fields will recognise the new Green by Nature brand,’’ said Ms Young.

“In many ways the new brand name also embraces the philosophy behind the green transformation at Essendon Fields over more than 20 years, especially our achievement of planting more than 12,000 news trees so far around the precinct, with a commitment to stretch that to 15,000 new trees as soon as practically achievable,’’ she said.

In 2021 Essendon Fields planted its 10,000th new tree on site, hitting an ambitious target in record time. With that goal achieved, an increase has now been confirmed to 15,000 trees, to be planted as soon as practically achievable.

With the help of Green by Nature, Essendon Fields also harvests rainwater from the roofs of aircraft hangars, redistributing it to the irrigation system for their onsite tree farm and making it water self-sufficient. With over 1 million litres of rainwater storage currently in place,  Essendon Fields now looks to increase this to 1.5 million litres.

“We have a very strong relationship with Essendon Fields dating back to 2002. We understand the Essendon Fields environment and we’re excited to know we’ll continue to improve its high quality, sustainable and award-winning landscape,’’ said Mr Jamieson.

“Over the next 6-12 months, everyone at Essendon Fields will witness the transformation of our uniforms, vehicles and equipment to reflect the new brand, solidifying our unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism. We’re enthusiastic about unveiling Green by Nature to the Essendon Fields community and embarking on this exciting journey,” finished Mr Jamieson.