The Suite Life of ILG Aviation Australasia

The Suites, one of the most prominent small business locations to lease at Essendon Fields, has a new tenant in ILG Aviation Australasia, with its employees excited to enjoy the benefits of its location and accessibility.

The airline service management provider has moved into Suite 7 at 30 English Street, and will share the building with a range of other service providers including Tohme Lawyers, ADM Australia and Chapman Freeborn. The location offers a short walk to cafes, a pharmacy and shopping options at both Coles and LaManna.

For ILG Aviation Australasia, a subsidiary of Group Concorde, taking up a lease at Essendon Fields is a back-to-the-future moment for the company, as its regional director had an office at Essendon Airport before it was developed into Essendon Fields.

ILG Aviation Australasia Director, Hiran Samarasinha, notes the location of Essendon Fields as a driver to their relocation.

“We think Essendon Fields is a great location with its easy access to the Melbourne CBD as well as the airport within such a short distance. Our company’s regional director even more than 20 years ago found the location was ideal!” he said.

ILG Aviation Australasia is an airline management service provider to the logistics industry in Australia, providing local presence for the airlines in sales and service.

Essendon Fields’ Senior Property Manager Sian Gunson welcomed ILG Aviation Australasia to The Suites at Essendon Fields.

“The Suites have only two vacancies at the moment of about 58.5 – 61.2 square metres, so if anyone is looking to move into a vibrant and stimulating work environment in a highly sought after north-west Melbourne location, now is the time to act,’’ she said.

“Tenants benefit from onsite property and facilities management, marketing support and a calendar of business networking and staff engagement events throughout the year,’’ said Ms Gunson.

“We look forward to a long-term relationship with everyone within the Essendon Fields community which will be mutually beneficial,’’ finished Mr Samarasinha.

For more information on current leasing opportunities available within The Suites at Essendon Fields, please click here.