Craddock wins global safety award for EF bp facility

As a mixed-use precinct incorporating an operating airport, community and retail facilities, and over 300 businesses across a range of sectors, creating a safe working environment at Essendon Fields is paramount.

Corey Wilson, Senior Facilities Manager at Essendon Fields, highlights that it’s complacency that’s often cited as a major contributor to workplace accidents, often occurring when a worker takes the conditions or the context around them for granted.

“This story of a preventative health and safety measure is particularly rewarding to share. We all want our community to go home healthy after a day at work, and together we can make that happen,” said Mr Wilson.

Through taking the time to have a conversation with a third party bridger driver, Air bp’s Airfield Representative Brendan Craddock realised there was a potential hazard at their Essendon Fields facility. The driver advised he had concerns about the potential to hit a gas line on the side of the neighbouring building whilst manoeuvring the tanker into position. If this gas line was to rupture, it would likely be a serious incident.

While there had never been a problem with a truck hitting the gas line before, Brendan investigated and found that the truck drivers who frequented the site were aware of the potential hazard. The hazard lay in what might happen if a temporary or unfamiliar truck driver was to one day visit the site.

“The truck drivers essentially need to reverse their vehicles to allow better access to the discharge point, and an exposed gas line is located directly behind the vehicle during this procedure. The current drivers are familiar with the site, but I became concerned about what might happen if circumstances changed,’’ said Mr Craddock.

Brendan Craddock raised the issue with his Regional Operations Lead (ROL) and the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) lead at bp, who assessed the need for an additional barrier to protect the gas line.

“We presented the idea to install bollards or extend a barrier to protect the gas line to Essendon Fields, to reduce any potential risks of a truck colliding with this hazard,” said Mr Craddock.

Upon being made aware of the potential hazard, the Essendon Fields facilities team completed a hazard identification report, quickly agreeing with the suggestion and arranging for the installation of a safety guard rail.

“It was important to quickly support the team at 260 Wirraway Road and install the additional safety measure. I congratulate Brendan for his initiative, ensuring this potential hazard would not become a larger problem at some later stage,’’ said Mr Wilson.

“And low and behold just one month after the installation of the barrier, it was hit by a truck – and it served its purpose, protecting our community from a larger incident,” said Mr Wilson.

Brendan’s efforts were also recognised recently at bp’s quarterly global Safety Awards, where he received an award for his initial identification of the hazard.


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