The Art of the Brow

As Melbournians prepares for further freedoms as vaccination rates improve, at the top of many people’s wish list is to book in for some beauty therapy. Lux Brows & Lashes, located at 6 English St, Essendon Fields, has become a destination for women across Melbourne and is sure to be very busy once lockdown ends.

Kim Evans owns and runs Lux Brows & Lashes and has gained a solid reputation for her unique art form – creating beautiful brows and lashes.

“Lux Brows & Lashes has been located at Essendon Fields for just over three years now and it’s offered a great central location for customers to often drive long distances for my services. Thanks to the popularity of the TV hit show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, brows have become ingrained in our culture as a must have specialised service and since then I have attracted many clients, including some celebrity customers,’’ Kim said.

Lux Brows & Lashes employs four people directly, but there are many other businesses that play a supporting role to the business.

“I personally love the art of creating brows, and one of the secrets I’ve learned is you don’t need to have brow hair to create fabulous brows. That’s why we offer brow feathering, to conceal the fact you might not have any brow hair. No one needs to know,’’ Kim said.

“Transforming brows is a wonderful feeling, but the true accolades are when the clients see their new brows in the mirror and are absolutely delighted. Having great brows is way more than just creating visual impact, it’s about the confidence it builds and brings to the client – sometimes it can be life changing.’’

Kim is delighted to be part of the Essendon Fields community helping to celebrate its centenary this year.

In the three years I have been at Essendon Fields I have seen a great deal of growth, as buildings develop and tenancies grow, allowing more people to moving into the precinct. I feel EF is transforming, and in the future as the precinct develops, I can see EF becoming a true destination, attracting people to spend the day shopping and taking full advantage of the shops and services on offer,’’ she said.

“Essendon Fields has green parks to sit and enjoy the outdoors whilst eating from the any of the numerous cafes offering different cuisines – such as my personal favourite, Two Minutes Turkish! It’s just a great place to visit, and of course get your brows or lashes touched up as well!’’

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