A lifetime surrounded by the aviation industry

After a lifetime enveloped by the aviation industry, the last 15 of those working at Essendon Fields, Steve Owen will soon retire from World Fuel Services and Aero Fuels.

For Steve it will be a moment of mixed emotions – he’s very proud of his contribution to World Fuel Services, Aero Fuels, Essendon Fields Airport and the wider aviation industry, and the connections he’s had with hundreds of colleagues and local aviators. However, he’s also ready for the next phase of life and a change of pace.

“It will be strange leaving. I’ll find it unusual to not have the sounds of aircraft in close proximity to where I work. I’m looking forward to a change in lifestyle, including the purchase a small farm somewhere outside of Melbourne to enjoy retirement and try out some hobbies such as woodworking or carpentry and gardening.”

Steve grew up with aviation in his blood. His father was in the RAAF and he has lived and worked at many airports around the country in numerous different roles.

“I was even an aviation firefighter at one point, working at both Avalon and Moorabbin airports as well as Essendon Fields!” he said.

Steve is now the Operations and Training manager for for Aero Fuels (who contract to World Fuel Services) at Essendon Fields Airport. Starting at Essendon Fields in 2007, Steve began working for Aero Fuels who were contracting to Mobil Oil, before World Fuel Services acquired the site five years ago. His primary role involved the critical day-to-day supervision of the team of aircraft refuellers, ensuring quality management processes (including maintenance of equipment and facilities) and conducting required staff training.

World Fuel Services operates world class aviation refuelling infrastructure at Essendon Fields, allowing customers to source high quality aviation fuels at competitive prices. The operations at the Essendon Fields depot generate ten local jobs, to ensure that all aviation fuel is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

When Steve finishes his final shift he’ll no doubt linger for a moment or two to look out over a site he knows like the back of his hand, and perhaps reflect on the thousands of people he’s helped keep safe through his meticulous work.

“I’ve loved my job. It’s a diverse role and every day is different, including interactions with staff and the general aviation community. I’m fortunate to have also travelled extensively around Australia to fuel depots in a training role for World Fuel Services, and have also travelled overseas for similar reasons a number of times,’’ said Steve.

Essendon Fields GM Aviation Colin Fort paid tribute to the contribution of Steve and everyone else who works in the aviation refuelling operations at the airport.

“Steve’s dedication to his role to ensure the safety of the critical aircraft refuelling process is fundamentally important to the operation of Essendon Fields Airport and we thank him for his work over many years,’’ Mr Fort said.