A note of thanks from the ADF

As the home of emergency services in Victoria, Essendon Fields Airport played an integral aviation co-ordination role during Victoria’s recent flood response. The Australian Defence Force and up to 400 ADF personnel set up a temporary base at Hangar 81, alongside two Chinook Helitankers, to get hay to farmers, move generators to communities without power, provide essential items and if required, evacuate stranded residents and get them to safety.

Image above supplied by @abc___photos on Instagram.


The Australian Defence Force recently wrote to Essendon Fields Airport with their thanks, of which we today share with you below:

As part of the response to recent flooding in Victoria, Task Unit Braham deployed two CH-47F Chinook Helicopters, assigned to the Joint Task Group 629.2 in support of the Victorian Government. We were proud to be working alongside, and in support of state emergency services and numerous professional and volunteer organisations to help Victorians in their time of need.

From our staging location at Essendon Fields Airport we were able to conduct a number of missions; providing air mobility for over 150 personnel and more than 11,000 pounds of cargo. This action was enabled by the support of you and your staff, who provided us with unwavering assistance whilst based in Melbourne, Victoria. 

On behalf of the Task Unit, I would like to pass on my thanks and lasting gratitude for the support that you provided to us whilst we were deployed in support of flood reliev actions in Victoria. Your hard work and dedication enabled us to achieve our tasks to greater effect, and I whole-heartedly thank you and your team on behalf on my unit. 

Richard Bremner
Officer Commanding
Task Unit Brahman

Nicholas Hoops
Warrant Officer Class Two
Sergeant Major
Task Unit Brahman