Essendon Fields and nettlefold in new 10 year deal

Essendon Fields has entered into a new 10 year deal with nettlefold media for the management and development of its outdoor media assets.

For the last 10 years, EF has partnered with oOH! Media.  That arrangement will come to an end in November, when nettlefold takes over after having been successful in a competitive process.  “The relationship with oOH! Media has certainly been a positive one” said Brendan Pihan, CEO Essendon Fields.

“nettlefold brought new thinking to the table, particularly with the introduction of new super-spectacular digital boards not currently a part of our signage mix” said Mr Pihan.

The nettlefold name has been at the forefront innovation and creativity in outdoor media for more than 50 years.

Executive Director of nettlefold, Michael Nettlefold believes the Essendon Fields property is already one of the premier outdoor advertising locations in Australia and is set to get even better.

With such extensive frontage to the Tullamarine Freeway, which carries c150,000 cars per day, Essendon Fields’ signage assets are highly regarded.  “Many of the signs are the most sought after in the country. The Essendon Fields sign portfolio is very high profile, unique in its sign format mix and gives advertisers real scale and impact.”

Essendon Fields is a thriving aviation and mixed-use business community that includes office, retail, high-tech industrial, Australia’s largest car dealership precinct, hotel and event facilities.  It is also home to more than 25% of Australia’s business jet fleet.

The renaissance of the nettlefold brand has been driven by Michael Nettlefold who has recently returned to the Australian outdoor media industry.

Michael was the CEO and founder of Eyecorp before negotiating its sale to Channel 10.  Eyecorp is recognised as the forerunner of airport advertising and shopping centre retail media advertising in Australia and New Zealand. Many of the original Eyecorp assets still underpin the outdoor media sector today.