Tama Australia joins Essendon Fields

Essendon Fields welcomes a new commercial tenant who plays an important role in Australia’s fast growing agricultural sector.

Tama Australia is a Crop Baling sales company, delivering harvest solutions to the Australian Agricultural market, and has moved its Australian headquarters into suite 5, level 2, 3 Bristol St on a 5 year lease deal.

Tama Australia saw the opportunity to move to Essendon Fields as part of its expansion phase, with the modern space ideal to cater for its growing team of 20 staff. The company was attracted to Essendon Fields by the easy accessibility for all of its sale staff who are located across Melbourne via a network of major roads and public transport.

Tama Group has its head office in Israel, so proximity to Melbourne Airport was also a key factor for the company’s national and international team.

“Essendon Field’s access to the major arterial roads of Melbourne works great for us. Initially we were looking for an office closer to the CBD, however we found travel times for the team would have been longer, and we’re mindful the team needs work/life balance and not to be stuck in traffic for long periods of time just to get to and from the office,’’ said Susan Taylor, Marketing Manager, Tama Australia.

“The open plan layout of 3 Bristol St is perfect for our growing team, and extremely conducive to collaboration. Coming out of COVID, it’s great to be in a space where we can easily work on projects together, whilst having enough space that the team have their own areas for focus time,’’ she said.

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