2000 pawsengers for pawmobile

The most pet friendly aviation service operating from Essendon Fields, which ensures that pets are able to travel safely and efficiently to meet their owners travelling interstate, has just marked up an important milestone.

Essendon Fields’ based Pawmobile just flew their 2000th pawsenger on their 300th flight, all while celebrating their 2nd anniversary of pet flights between Victoria and Tasmania. On Saturday 28 January, Pawmobile notched up this achievement as part of the company’s weekly regular charter air service between Essendon Fields Airport and Devonport Airport in Tasmania.

Pawmobile, which operate out of Hangar 1 on Wirraway Road, offer a unique service because animals are able to travel in the actual aircraft cabin. Pets are also loaded, unloaded and accompanied on the flight by an experienced Pawmobile animal manager.

“We’re delighted to offer this service to all pet lovers. Included in our pawsenger list over the last two years we’ve had dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens, budgies, canaries, parrots, guinea fowl, conures, cockatiels, a lamb and a quoll,’’ said Pawmobile Owner Fiona Millhouse.

The Pawmobile service, which will soon expand to also connect Brisbane, Sydney and Tasmania as well as New Zealand, is run in conjunction with aviation operators GAM Group based at Essendon Fields.

“We love being involved in this kind of animal transport service with weekly flights out of Essendon Fields Airport. All animals travel in the aircraft cabin with their Pawmobile handler and our pilot. The memories are priceless!’’ said GAM Group’s Carl Jepsen.

Further information on the Pawmobile service is available at www.pawmobile.com.au. Also keep an eye out for an upcoming documentary about animal travel starring some of these furry friends on Channel 7!